How COVID-19 has changed the world for small businesses forever.

At the turn of the decade, the US economy was stronger than ever, showing signs of continued and future success for businesses of all sizes and all industries. No one could have ever predicted the catastrophic turn of events that transpired from a microscopic infectious disease, COVID-19.

The world we were once so used to has gone virtual. Many businesses across industries were required to take their workforce online to comply with local and state regulations to help fight the spread of COVID-19.

This digital transition has caused thousands of businesses to try and learn how to stay operational in a virtual world.

Some businesses aren’t as lucky. Many companies have failed or have had to adjust and pivot their business models with great agility and creativity to try and stay afloat. Article after article shows how creative some businesses are getting to generate revenue amid these uncertain times. The education system across all levels has gone entirely digital, restaurants have adjusted to take-out only options, fast-food chains are now selling groceries, and others are turning to online stores/retailers to sell their goods and services.

So what does this digital transformation mean for small businesses, and why is it so important?

Digital Presence

What is digital presence? Digital presence refers to how your business appears online. Digital presence consists of all digital channels your company has, such as a website, social media, online resources, reviews, blogs, and any other virtual touchpoint with current and future customers.

Having a robust digital presence shows how your business appears online, allows you to connect with customers, and generate sales, especially during these uncertain times.

COVID-19 has fast-tracked the migration from brick-and-mortar to eCommerce and has shown just how important having a digital presence truly is. The global economy came to an abrupt stop, causing many small businesses to close their physical locations. With the economy closing, an optimized website is the most critical tool any small business should have to keep their customers updated about special hours, company news, COVID-19 updates, and their products and services.

Do you have a strong digital presence?

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