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Are you in the market for a Content Management System (CMS)? It might not be as clear and simple when choosing the tool that fits your company’s needs while considering your staff’s skill level. The CMS market continues to grow day after day. Aspects like pricing, ease of use, and search engine optimization (SEO) tools are features that can seal a deal for a CMS. Wix is one of the leading Content Management Systems globally. Wix offers a viable solution with premium services to build a website for your business. Like any Content Management System, there are advantages and disadvantages to choosing one company over the other; this blog post will examine the pros and cons of the revolutionary company, Wix.


Wix is one of the leading companies offering content management solutions for a reason. It has been offering its users a free and premium website building service topped with upgraded design templates. Wix has a drag-and-drop design function that allows users to create a modern website in a few hours, without any coding expertise. No fee is needed to create a Wix website, an excellent offer for small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. However, a wide variety of features are restricted in the free plan.

With an interactive and intuitive interface, Wix is a useful and price-sensitive CMS solution. You can use the tools to customize an existing template, using branding elements from your business, and save countless staff-hours otherwise dedicated to building a webpage from scratch. Security is an aspect that Wix never compromises. Your site will be hosted on a Wix server, meaning they will take care of all the security infrastructure, meaning there is no need to worry about your user data’s security. The customer support offered by Wix is top-notch; a robust database with articles and step-by-step tutorials exist for most of the problem a novice might encounter.


Wix has its own set of disadvantages as well. While security is excellent with the site, the page loading speed is not a boosting feature. By adding too many widgets to your webpage, you take the risk of slowing down your page load time, which is critical for SEO.

Wix does not offer an SEO Wizard equivalent, which offers maximum content optimization; they have an SEO tool. Still, it does not feature an optimization score, meaning that you as a user won’t know how effective your SEO content is at landing you on the first page of Google search. The startup plans do not offer an ad-free setting; as long as you use the free version, your website will feature a banner promoting Wix. You’ll be able to remove ads from your site by signing up for a $14 monthly plan. There are no unlimited data storage plans at Wix, not even the VIP Premium Plan. The drag and drop feature is an undeniable pro for a first-time website builder, but as your skills grow, it quickly becomes a limitation for those who aim to design more creative sites.


Wix does not try to bind you for long term plans; payments are due monthly, and you can cancel any time. Although most CMS providers offer 1-2 years’ plans to keep you locked in, Wix is different. If you are looking to upgrade from a free plan to a premium one, you can easily do that for $14 per month while having the option to cancel anytime you want.

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