Dental Marketing Tips for 2021 and Beyond!

Dental Marketing Tips for 2021

When building and growing your dental practice, there’s much to be considered — including marketing tactics and initiatives. Ultimately, effective dental marketing comes down to successful execution in three areas of focus: a world-class patient experience, patient reassurance, and digital marketing.

Let’s take a closer look at each area now.

Patient Experience — Make it World-Class

It’s long been said the customer always comes first. But this tried-and-true marketing ideology hasn’t always been applied to patients. If you want to experience true success and growth in your practice, however, it pays to always put your patients front-and-center — and deliver an overall experience that resonates on an emotional level. Such an experience, of course, starts with high-quality service. It’s not enough to merely “service” your patients, especially during our current anxiety-heightened environment. You have to make them feel valued, appreciated, respected, and maybe even loved.

Referral Programs Work

Referral programs can also provide value that lasts long after your patients’ visits — and help attract and secure a new stream of patients. In everything you do, you’ll want to aim for a strong degree of “social proof” regarding the effectiveness, friendliness, comfort, and safety of your dental practice.

Patient Reassurance — Go the Extra Mile

Delivering a world-class patient experience goes a long way toward providing patient reassurance, of course. But during these uncertain and trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic (and surely to follow), it’s imperative to provide an “extra layer” of this reassurance. Put simply, your patients need to feel completely safe and secure when interacting with you and your staff — at every moment, in every way.

Proper Protocols…and More

Following the best-available COVID-19 safety protocols should, of course, now be standard practice. You might also consider providing them with “new normal” giveaways such as hand sanitizer and a mask following visits. This also presents you with an opportunity to promote your practice with branded materials. Imagine a facemask adorned with your name and logo on the side — and maybe a bright, beautiful set of smiling teeth on the front. Why not have some FUN with your dental marketing?

Digital Marketing — Put it In Practice

While your dental practice is hands-on and “analog” by its very nature, the world we live in is deeply digital — and has become even more so during our pandemic lifestyles. If you want to grow your practice, it’s best to make smart use of the ever-expanding digital marketing toolkit. In other words, good dental marketing means good digital marketing.

Successful digital dental marketing can mean hiring SEO and Paid Search firms or professionals to help you effectively position and advertise your practice online (make sure to optimize for mobile users, too). Additionally, creative, smart, and successful use of social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook can help grow your brand and business — as well as provide that valuable element of “social proof” we mentioned earlier.

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