Dental Website Best Practices For 2021


Building and maintaining a successful business today takes a lot of hard (and smart) work. It’s no different when it comes to finding success with your dental practice. One thing you definitely need to get right to grow your brand and business?

Your dental website.

An effective and enduring dental website needs to follow certain “best practices”, emphasizing three distinct areas. Those particular points of emphasis are web design, dental SEO, and social proof.

Join us as we take a deeper dive into each of those respective areas.

Web Design — Why It’s Important

Obviously, you want your site to look good — and modern. Oh, and optimized for mobile users. But to truly achieve online success, you need more than just a sharp appearance. You need exceptional performance. It’s best to think of your site as a powerful patient prospecting tool. After all,

Dental SEO — What it Means

To find success with your cool new dental website, you’ll also want to make sure you establish and maintain a strong digital presence and identity. You need to be popular with the people (and search bots) who power the internet. Remember, True success here can be accomplished by hiring a digital marketing firm or professional to assist you in areas like SEO, paid search advertising, and social media executions. If you’re already adept at using social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can get started on your own — and bring in the hired hands once your online presence really starts to take off.

Keywords Matter Too…

In addition to Search Engine Optimization (and Mobile Device Optimization), you should aim to perfect the craft of Keyword Optimization on your dental website. Doing so also involves developing a strong understanding of “long-tail keywords,” or precise keyword phrases. According to search demand curve data, long-tail keywords account for more than 70% of all online search traffic. To truly succeed here, you’ll want to go one step further — and correctly, contextually integrate longtail keywords with not just your body text, but other components such as title tags and URLs.

Long-tail keywords account for more than 70% of all online search traffic

Social Proof — Your Patients as Advertisers

In fine-tuning your optimal dental website, you’ll always want to keep a close eye on assuring a strong degree of “social proof” regarding the effectiveness, friendliness, comfort, and safety of your dental practice. This initiative can include establishing yourself as a “thought leader” or “subject matter expert” — something that can be accomplished in part by building out a robust and insightful blog (written and/or video) library on your site.

Testimonials + Tweets

Another way you can succeed here is via patient testimonials. Don’t just rely on potential new patients taking your word for your practice and services’ efficacy and value. Recruit trusted and long-tenured patients to provide their own personal testimonies and recommendations — again, this can be accomplished via the written word, recorded embedded video, or both. After all, data has shown that more than 90% of potential patients read online reviews before visiting a new healthcare practitioner. Another area where you can really stake a claim on the social proof front is social media, which also offers you a unique and dynamic opportunity to interact with current and potential patients in real-time.

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