Digital Presence and Why It’s Important For Your Business In 2021! 

digital presence

2020 has undoubtedly gone on the record books for being one of the most challenging and historic years in recent history. As a society, over the last 20 years, we have become more and more reliant on the power of the internet, shedding light on the importance of digital presence. The internet has revolutionized how we interact, communicate, and do business.  

As we weren’t already on a fast track to digital reliance, COVID-19 added fuel to the fire that is digital dependency.  

If you’re a small business owner or a local mom-and-pop shop, making sure you have a digital presence has become an even more integral part of business success. A robust digital presence is crucial to ensuring you and your business keep the doors open and bills paid, so what is digital presence anyway?   

What is Digital Presence? 

Digital presence is anything and everything that appears online about your business and what shows up when consumers search for your business or services. Here are some digital presence basics that, as a small business, you must make sure you are updating consistently! Updating the following has become even more essential. 

  • Website (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile Versions) 
  • Social Media Sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) 
  • Online Directories (Google My Business, Bing Places) 
  • Review Sites (Google, Yelp)

The digital presence of your business is very similar to a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts in establishing a solid presence online, but it’s not impossible or difficult! It takes time, dedication, and effort to grow your business digitally. 

Getting Started with A Website 

When building a website for your business for the first time, it’s essential to explore all options. Are you a do-it-yourselfer? If so, consider using a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, or Squarespace. Are you too busy running your business even to consider building a website? Here is when it makes sense to consider outsourcing to professionals. In either case, you must make sure that when you create your website, you are making a mobile-first website responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop. Other vital components to consider when designing your first website are making sure that it is SEO optimized for keywords in your field of business and provides a great user experience.   

You must make sure that when you create your website, you are making a mobile-first website responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Social Media and Why It Matters 

When it comes to social media, business owners often don’t see the value of upkeeping or creating a social presence. Although social media may not directly drive more money to your business, it still provides an excellent opportunity for you to communicate with your customers more informally, share quick updates about your business, and showcase company values. Keeping an updated social presence, depending on your industry, also presents a social proof aspect that you value, keeping all lines of communication of your business up to date.  

Online Directories For Local Businesses 

Online directories (also known as citations) help create local visibility where your business resides. Online guides help local customers find your website and your business. Some of the most prominent online directories consist of Google My Business and Bing Places. Each of which requires you to verify that your business is located within the city you plan to reach.  

Online Reputation and Reviews 

For as long as time, customer reviews have been the cornerstone of successful (or unsuccessful) businesses. Social proof is critical across virtually all industries. So how are you monitoring your customer reviews? The internet makes it easy for customers to review your website across many different places and review sites. It’s essential to keep a pulse on your online reputation so that you can learn what consumers think about your business for you to provide corrective action.  

Optimizing Your Digital Presence 

Are you looking for a new digital transformation for your business? The topics we just discovered may seem overwhelming but rest assured that the process is more straightforward than it seems. All of the elements discussed truly capture the importance of building a holistic digital presence for your business—partner with WooStrategy to help you establish a tailored digital strategy to help you maximize your visibility online.